Iceland, low tide

Kristy Lee Hanson
Snack Lover

Currently, my favorite snacks are cinnamon-dusted-chocolate-coated-almonds and pickled peppers stuffed with white cheese. *chef's kiss*

Short / Sweet

Fun Facts →

I play the viola, cello, and bass cello (very badly) and am learning how to play the ukulele.

I'm fluent in English and American Sign Language, and have a toddler's grasp of Dutch.

Wow, I love reading. You can read about my 2020 book list here. Want a book recommendation? Send me your likes / dislikes and I'll email you some gems.

The first time I flew in an airplane, I jumped out of it. I was 22. Related: I highly recommend sky-diving. A thrill!

Growing up, I wanted to either be an environmental journalist, astronomer, or astronaut.

Once, I rode my bike across the country to practice yoga with a bunch of Americans and compiled my travels in Karma, A Love Story.

I love whales. LOVE them.

I used to run marathon distances for fun.

I've fallen off of a few horses, metaphorically and literally.

Relevant Certs, Etc.

BA, Writing
BS, Clinical Sports Massage
200-hr YTT, Shambhava Yoga Konalani Ashram, further study with Noah Maze + Jules Mitchell
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Canvas
Mixed Media Animation
Nebraska, Solar Eclipse