Books of 2021

Reading List

I'm on Goodreads! And The Story Graph! I rarely write reviews, and they're more like thumbs up, thumbs down kinda reviews. But I love seeing what folks are reading and god knows I need more social networks in my life to keep track of (jkjkjk).

This year, same drill as last. I resolved to read 100 books in one year. This year, however, I tried to finish books I didn't like, hated, or just 'couldn't get into.' Some of these books were really just wrong place, wrong time, and some were truly terrible. I trudged my way through with no great sense of masochism or duty. I was more trying to discover why I didn't vibe with certain books. I wanted to capture language and plot structures I was drawn to, recognize why one Rommy Commy I read was excellent and why a similar one was trash, the subtle differences between them.

Ultimately, I was trying to think critically about what I was consuming and why — was I looking for comfort, stimulation, escape? — but I was also hoping to challenge my own creative process, contemplate the stories I was writing and how I was writing them.

Sometimes it was wildly obvious why I hated a book — terrible writing, boring characters or an author that makes everyone suffer over and over and over again — but there were a few I just couldn't pinpoint what it was that make me cringe.

If you want to read my juicy* ramblings on books, go read my reviews on Goodreads. Here, I've just an asterisk to books I wasn't much fond of. Read at your own risk.

*jk, they aren't juicy, but they do ramble!

in no particular order
Some Favorites
Wow, No Thank You
Made to Love
The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
The Death of Vivek Oji
Convenience Store Woman
No One is Talking About This
To Be Taught, If Fortunate
Norma Jean Baker of Troy
Sex & Rage
The Unreality of Memory
The Whole Shebang

1. American Gods
2. Want
3. On Writing
4. The Star is Also a Sun
5. The Witch Hunter
6. Song of Blood & Stone
7. Whispers of Shadow & Flame
8. Wow no thank you
9. Space Opera*
10. Autonomous
11. Daughter From the Dark
12. The Night Sister
13. Becoming
14. Made to Love
15. The Harpy
16. The Eartheater
17. Court of Silver Flames
18. The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
19. Afterland
20. From Blood and Ash
21. A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire
22. Magic for Liars
23. The Death of Vivek Oji
24. The Buried Giant
25. A Desolation Called Peace
26. Future Home of the Living God
27. Such a Fun Age
28. The Once and Future Witches
29. Starflight
30. Starfall
31. Something to Talk About
32. The City of Brass
33. Kingdom of Copper
34. Convenience Store Woman
35. The Loosening Skin
36. Best American Science and Nature Writing of 2020
37. Mist Born
38. Girl, Woman, Other
39. Crown of Gilded Bones
40. The Dreamers
41. Story of your Life and Others
42. Cry of Metal and Bone
43. In the Dream House
44. Educated
45. The Night Circus*
46. Notorious
47. The Sympathizer
48. The House in the Cerulean Sea
49. Howl's Moving Castle
50. Dreadnought
51. No One is Talking About This
52. Florida
53. For the Wolf
54. The Deep*
55. The Lost Queen
56. To Be Taught, If Fortunate
57. Artificial Condition
58. Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents
59. Founded in Goodbye
60. Packing for Mars
61. Girls of Paper and Fire
62. Girls of Storm and Shadow
63. My Sister, the Serial Killer
64. The Body is not an Apology
65. Ember in the Ashes
66. Reaper at the Gates
67. Torch Against the Night
68. Sky Beyond the Storm
69. I Should have Honor
70. Middlegame
71. Bestiary
72. My Brilliant Friend
73. The Echo Wife
74. Exit Strategy
75. Inland
77. Flyaway
78. Geek Love*
79. I Feel Bad About My Neck
80. The Sanitarium
81. The Truth Will Set You Free
82. Nightbitch
83. Exploring Diabetes with Owls*
84. Norma Jean Baker of Troy
85. Orange World & Other Stories
86. Dawn
87. The Proposal
88. Adulthood Rites
89. Imago
90. The World Gives Way
91. The Overstory*
92. Purple Hearts*
93. Dark Lover
94. Eileen
95. Strike Me Down
96. The Ex Talk
97. The Deal
98. The Score
99. The Mistake
100. Fire
101. Animal
102. Sweet Filthy Boy
103. The Story of a New Name
104. Those who Leave and Those Who Stay
105. Sex & Rage
106. Lore
107. The Hating Game
108. The Unreality of Memory
109. The Love Hypothesis
110. These Violent Delights*
111. Negative Space*
112. Somebody’s Daughter
113. It Happened One Summer